General information

Parking Information

Parking areas will remain at the Brentwood Recreation Center located at 190 Route 125 and directly across the highway at designated parking areas. Please look for our volunteers in bright yellow shirts to assist you. Once parked, a bus service will shuttle participants to and from the starting line. This service is scheduled to run from 8AM to 2PM.

Race Course Information
Starting at the Swasey School participants will head East on Middle Road, eventually turning right on Block Drive. They will then take a left onto Dudley Road and complete a loop, exiting Dudley Road onto Bartlett Road. Participants will then take a left back onto Middle Road and return to the Swasey School to finish. The course will take place on paved portions of the roadway which will be closed to vehicle traffic. Water stops will be located along the course.

2018 Race Winners

Fastest First Responders

Age group 12 years and under

Age group 13-15 years

Age group 16-18 years

Male - Chuck Grandmason

Female - Annaliese Schmidt

Male - Parker Day

Female - Addison MacNeil

Male - James Sullivan III

Female - Charlotte Sullivan

Male - Griffin Deschenes

Female - Violet Sullivan

Age group 19-30 years

Age group 31-45 years

Age group 46-64 years

Age group 65 years and older

Male - William Faria

Female - Erin McDonough

Male - Adam Rauwerdink

Female - Courtney Preneta

Male - Jeff Goddard

Female - Lori McAvey

Male - David Ritchie

Diane - Robinson


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